#inktober // ‘Werewolf’

“Don’t look at me that way…I can’t drink my beer with a mask on. Besides shouldn’t YOU be at home???”

Brush pen, a bit of prismacolor markers and micros again on 11×14 bristol smooth paper.

#inktober ‘Hellhound’

What a good little puppy

Started using the timer to keep track of how long these are taking because I want to get faster. This one was about 40 minutes or so of inking with the brushpen and microns. After inking spent like another 5-10 with some photoshop to touch up the photo. The original sketch wasn’t tooo long that I can remember either –just some quick pencils.

#inktober ‘Extraterrestrial’ #marsattacks

Who invited THIS guy??

Mars Attacks!

Started the next set prompts for inktober. This is primarily micropens and my trusty brushpen on 11×14 Strathmore bristol smooooth surface paper. Ink just glides on, so got to be careful with that smearing .

Here is breakdown of the plan for the rest of the month. Some catching up to do but then that’s partly why its a challenge riiigh?

#inktober #sketch for #anatober day7//’Hands’

Still catching up with #inktober . I really struggled with this one because I got hung up on the prompt, the layout and ultimately overthought it again. I used the anatomy based #anatober prompt list ‘Hands’ as a start, finally settling on hands in a knife fight then reworked it with characters from my Post Apocalyptic Battle Cholas comic.

This sketch was done with micronpen #05, #08, #03, kuratake brushpen and black Prismacolormarker . I also added some photoshop filter action to make the ink pop a little more .

Probably one of the best parts about these October art challenges is seeing all the amazing work online especially by some of my family and friends. Its quite the Halloween treat .