Inktober is here Day1//’Poisonous’

Inktober is an art challenge that started on Instagram by Jake Parker where you create an ink drawing or sketch every day based on a prompt.  The goal is to improve your skills and at the end of the month have a nice body of work to show for it.  Here is the list: 


There are other art challenges where folks are doing month digital art/ink or Halloween too. I think this is awesome. Practice every day doing something you enjoy makes you that much better than yesterday. Here is Day1//Poisonous:


Some of the characters I use in the series are mismash of other fandom, randos and media I found online. I try to aim for things I’d like to see in a comic book but still nail the prompt like I have some really detail-oriented editor.

Frogtown Artwalk 2018

I dragged this guy with me to the Frogtown Artwalk yesterday. He got tuckered out with the setup and then spent some time drawing in his sketchbook at one of the tables.

Then he realized we weren’t far from the house and went back for that ice tea. The man loves his caffeine.

This was my first time showing my work.

 It was a lot of fun.

Hello World

Welcome to my site.  I am Will.

This is my online sketchbook where I like to test out new ideas and share things I’ve found online.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for looking.